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A Response to Recent Concerns

"It is unfortunate that some have mistaken our purpose in this grassroots community awareness effort which has been twisted it into a radical political effort to stop development and growth in Morehead. We are equally surprised by this response.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact --- we even note that we do NOT discount the need for the "WalMarts of the world". WalMart, in particular, has been very helpful in donating back to the Rowan County community on a number of occasions, as well as being locally-managed, employing local residents and boosting the economy.

What uniquelyMorehead strives to promote is merely dialogue -- discussion --- to encourage people to remember (which we especially tried during the holidays to promote) that there are local businesses, artists and craftsmen, etc --- that help keep Morehead the unique, great place it is to live --- and to possibly consider supporting them instead of, perhaps, running to Lexington or doing all of their shopping online (which I'm guilty of myself).

Morehead is a great place to live and we WANT it to grow .. prosper.. and develop. There should be no reason that this development, however, squelches those businesses that are owned and operated by local merchants. Our hope is that they could ... and should coexist.

We want to promote a sense of place ... that Morehead had a small town charm, heritage ... that we are friendly and attractive ... that we encourage education, arts, culture and an enthusiastic/optimistic view of our city that we are sorely lacking. We would also love to encourage business, arts and culture to move to Main Street and to help with the development of Main Street.

In fact, our guiding principles align nearly perfectly with the recommendations of the NewCities Institute as published in the NewCity Morehead booklet in September 2006. Through the town meetings and facilitated discussions the common themes identified were those very things we wish to promote.

We have not, nor will we EVER, state that chain stores are "bad" or that Morehead should only be ran by local merchants. The very idea seems somewhat ludicrous. Morehead cannot grow if we don't think globally but act locally. Development and change is GOOD -- we simply, in our opinion, shouldn't rely solely on outside chains, restaurants, etc. for that development.

Morehead is a strong city with very unique and incredible potential. uniquelyMorehead wants to promote, encourage and see it reach that potential.

We regret that some in this community have taken the concept of uniquelyMorehead as a political attempt to thwart the courting of big business to our community. Our intentions are quite the contrary.

We only hope to raise awareness here and elsewhere that Morehead is a very special place with a lot of creative, entrepreneurial people and that WE, the citizens of Morehead and Rowan County, should be proud of what makes us so unique and should enhance those areas as much as humanly possible. We would love to work WITH Tourism, the Chamber, the MRCEDC, MSU, etc. ---- certainly NOT against."

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